Monday, October 27, 2008

Judgment Day?

While we've all probably heard more about the candidates than we ever really wanted to know, two recent e-mails point to a dearth on information on certain races.

First Jim from Woodbury asked:


I have about 20 judges to vote for in Wash Cty. How can I research these clowns? I have to do absentee ballot.

Then, Drake from Minnetonka also sought assistance:

I believe I heard this interview on your show. An interview of a Minnesota Judge who sounded intelligent and fair. Would you send me the name of this judge so I can vote for her, please? Also, will you be posting a list of decent judges (i.e.- strict constructionist) to vote for in Minnesota? Also, County Commissioners would also be helpful. There is so much darkness, around these two types of candidates and so little light.

Actually I believe the show that Drake is referring to was the David Strom show, which precedes the NARN First Team on Saturdays. I can't recall the name of the judge who was interviewed either. Perhaps David or more likely Margaret can help out.

To the broader question of which judges to vote for, I'm also not going to be of much help. If anyone has or wants to put a list of good judges together who will be on the ballot in the metro area, I'd be more than happy to post it here. Drop me a line at: