Thursday, October 30, 2008

L.A. Law

Since we're been talking a lot about local judicial elections of late, Rick asks for us to expand our scope:

Could you please endorse my friend Mike O'Gara for Los Angeles superior court judge in Office 94?

Mike shares with you the privilege of having had me on his hockey team. Mike and I were actually d-linemates for many years and I can vouch for his tenacious ability to deliver a full-body check in a non-checking league and getting the ref to put the other guy in the bin.

I also see this as getting me at least one 'get out of jail free' card if not for me then for my 2 1/2 year old.

Even though he's Irish, Mike is a great guy and deserves to win this.

A ringing endorsment indeed. Anyone who's ever had the misfortune of having to be on the ice with Rick understands a great deal about injustice.

Even though this likely violates some sort silly campaign finance reform law (and the Mann Act), we officially endorse Michael O'Gara for LA Superior Court Judge in Office 94. Hopefully, it's not too late to have the ACORN branch office in LA send us some absentee ballots.


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