Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stuck In The Middle Kingdom With You

Matt e-mails from China:

You know you are in China when:

You are standing on top of a mountain waiting for the gondola at 15000 feet and the person down from you feels the need to light up a "schmeg." Or, at any other public venue for that matter.

You stand in line and try to be respectfully only to have people shove their way in front of you.

The person (he or she) in front of you hawks a loogy up on to the floor (guess it is not SARS because of the color).

You reflexively gag upon entering the public rest room, only to be followed by a moment of cold sweat as you forgot if you brought tissue paper with you and hope not to breath through the nose a the feeling would soon induce nausea. (4 walls, just 4 walls)

Watch the confused look on the local's face as he receives no response because the person you are with has no clue as to what the person is saying even though she has an asian face. (Maybe if he spoke louder?)

Yes, the civilized world.

Ah yes, the smoking, the shoving, the spitting, and the smells. No trip to China would be complete without them.

1 comment:

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