Friday, November 28, 2008

Called Out On The Matt

Riftimes e-mails on my post on a KSTP radio host named Matt:

I'm sad to say this, but a correction opportunity beckons!

I was also listening early Sunday evening, and share you're amazement at the host. It seemed that he was just saying anything that came to mind. I kept listening because it was so ludicrous. However, it was not Matt Thomas (who I'm not very fond of since he seems to take everything on his show way too seriously), but Matt McNeill. I remember because I made a mental note not to listen to him again! If you wish to confirm, a quick look at the KSTP web site shows that McNeill is on weekends, or you might check your inside 1500 sources. Thanks.

BTW - I enjoy your show on Saturday.

D'oh! Wrong Matt! I'm tempted to shift the blame for my error to KSTP for creating confusing by having two muddleheaded Matts on the radio in the first place, but I must take final responsibility. I regret the error.

However, since I did listen to some of the "best" of Matt Thomas on Thanksgiving evening I stand by my opinion that his show offers little in the way of insight or entertainment. The only thing he has going for him is there's another host at the station sharing his name who brings even less to the table.

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