Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kicking Yourself Up & Out

Roger writes to warn conservatives about eating their young (leaders):

It appears that both McCain staff and liberals are continuing their character assassination of Sarah Palin. One comment on Hot Air suggested the following:

"Someone had said elsewhere that Gov Palin should appoint herself to Ted Steven's seat and get 4 years of washington experience under her belt before 2012."

I think this would do more harm than good for Gov. Palin. If I recall correctly, former Gov. Wendell Anderson "arranged" to be named senator and this created a huge backlash from MN voters. Wendy was an extremely popular governor at that time.

A better solution would be to appoint a true conservative (and reformer) and help develop a talent pool of young conservatives to lead our party out of the wilderness. Pres. Bush didn't seemed bothered with developing the next generation of Republicans (let alone conservative Republicans).

I think bloggers and others need to help prevent the character assassination that is killing our young (e.g. next generation of conservative leaders).

Having Palin appoint herself to the Senate is a prescription for disaster. Besides the likley voter backlash, a good part of Palin's appeal is that she's not a typical Washington political pro. The last thing she needs is to have the life and energy sucked out of her by being part of the world's most arrogant and insular political body (the Chinese Politburo is more in touch than the US Senate).

Now that she's been on the national stage, she has enough visbility to be part of the conservative political scene going forward (if she so chooses). You don't need to be in Washington to be a player.

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