Monday, November 10, 2008

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

Now that the elections are behind us, we can back to debate on the truly important matters in life:

On November 11th, 2008, the next AOTM forum, at St. Augustine church in South St. Paul, Fr. Echert (Pastor of St. Augustine and Holy Trinity in South St. Paul) and David Mathis (from Bethlehem Baptist church in Minneapolis) have agreed to a good old traditional apologetic debate. Father Echert has a licentiate in Sacred Scripture and has been heard on protestant talk radio defending the Catholic faith. David Mathis is the associate to the famous John Piper, Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, a well know Baptist apologist from Minneapolis. They have not agreed on a specific topic as of yet, but rumor has it it will be on justification, the authority of the Bible or the sacraments.

Topics sue to stir passions and get the rhetorical fists flying.

As at all the AOTM forums, the price is right for a night of compelling talk with good food, drink, and company:

- 6:00pm Social Hour and Appetizers
- 7:00pm Dinner
- 7:30pm Main Presentation
- 8:15pm Dessert
- 8:30pm Q&A

For Just $12 at the door (The total cost for the night) you will get great appetizers (check menu) and beverages, hear a challenging debate while you listen and enjoy a fabulous "Manly Meal" (check menu). Prepare yourself to challenge or simply question the debators during the Q&A after dessert. Men of all creeds and ages are welcome to join in the good humor, food and fellowship. Priests and seminarians get in free, but will not be shown partiality in debate. Fathers are encouraged to bring their sons.

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