Friday, November 14, 2008

Moving In

Just received an e-mail from called "Winning Back Wellstone's Seat":

You've probably heard the news: Al Franken is just 206 votes away from winning back progressive hero Paul Wellstone's Senate seat for Democrats. A recount of Minnesota's 3 million votes begins next week, and an initial canvass found hundreds of previously undercounted votes for Franken.

Franken has a great shot: political website (one of the most credible number-crunching sites) wrote this week, "Evidence points on balance toward Franken being a slight favorite to win the recount" and possibly "the prohibitive favorite" if all the votes are properly counted.

But Republican incumbent Norm Coleman has already gone to court once trying to block vote counting--and he announced that over 100 lawyers will help him mount legal challenges. Franken needs money to fight back.

The fun is just beginning...

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