Friday, November 14, 2008

Pretty Bitter About Paying More For The Same

Came home from work yesterday to find our proposed property tax for 2009 statement in the mail. Nothing warms my heart like seeing how much more I'll be paying and where my dollars will be going for a better Minnesota. Especially in these difficult economic times.

Let's take a closer look.

First off it's good to know the basis on which we're paying our property taxes on. Since we moved here in May, this the first statement we've received for this property.

Oh look, the county has bumped up the value of our home by $12K. That makes sense since we all know how robust the housing marketing is.

Hmmm....I wonder if there's any way to challenge that valuation.

The taxable market values for property taxes payable in 2009 was sent to you in the spring of 2008. The period to discuss changes has passed and changes can no longer be made to your property valuation. It is included for your information only.

In other words, "You're screwed."

Happy to pay more!

Hennepin County will be confiscating an additional $83.74

Happy to pay more!

The City of Golden Valley is dipping into my wallet for $131.90 more than last year

Happy to pay more!

School District 281 has two levies that increase my property taxes by $62.47

Huh. Actually that's not really that bad. We voted on two levies that passed on Election Day and I thought they would have more impact...

Your school district was scheduled to hold a referendum at the November general election. If this referendum was approved by voters, the school district's property tax for 2009 may be higher than the proposed amount shown on this notice.

D'oh! How much higher will that be again? Oh yeah, at LEAST $222 a year.

Happy to pay more!

My favorite unelected, unrepresentative arm of regional government the Metropolitan Council's Metro "Special" Taxing District is rolling me for an additional $4.10

Happy to pay more!

The vaguely named Other "Special" Taxing District is pilfering $14.64 more from my pocket than they did last year

Happy to pay more!

The Solid Waste Management Fee is increa....wait a second. What's that? The Solid Waste Management Fee is DECREASING by $11.22? There must be some mistake. I'll send them a check for $11.22 to make up the difference

Kinda feeling guilty about paying a tiny tiny bit less.

So how does that add up overall? My proposed 2009 property taxes are going to be 8.8% higher than in 2008. Even though that's more than double the rate of inflation, I guess it's just the price we pay for a better Minnesota.

Oh yeah, that's right. That 8.8% increase doesn't include the newly passed levies.

(Pause for a bit of cipherin')

With the newly passed levies included, we're now looking at a 16.14% year over year increase in property taxes. Isn't that great? I'm so damn happy that I feel like I'm going to explode.

That is happiness that's causing that, isn't it? 'Cause I really am bursting here.