Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Removing All Doubt

[11/28/08 Editor's note: Post corrected to reflect the correct Matt]

Unlike Atomizer, I've never been a big fan of the Matt Thomas McNeill radio show on KSTP. To me, he offers little in the way of insights when it came to sports and when it came to politics he sounds woefully out of his element.

Sunday night, I happened to catch a couple of segments of the show which only reinforced my opinion. Firstly, Thomas McNeill was talking about the BCS rankings and decrying the fact that undefeated Utah and Boise State were ranked below teams that had lost games. He said that the it was silly to compare the strength of the various conferences and he wasn't buying that a team from the Big Twelve with one loss was better than an undefeated WAC team. Taking this to its logical conclusion, if he had his way the BCS championship game would almost always end up featuring one of these undefeated teams from a weak conference that had played a cake schedule. Yeah, that would be just great (although arguably more entertaining than watching Ohio State get waxed again).

Later, Thomas McNeill ventured in to the deep waters of politics and was quickly in over his head. He was talking about how much he liked Governor Pawlenty and how he thought Pawlenty would have been a better pick for VP for McCain than Palin. He added that he didn't think this would have been enough to tip the election to McCain, but it would have been closer. Fair enough. So far. Then he went over the edge by saying that if McCain had chosen Mitt Romney for VP, he would have won the election. For a moment I wasn't sure if I was listening to Matt Thomas McNeill or Hugh Hewitt. Yeah, if only McCain had Romney at his side he would have reversed the seven point popular vote and 192 electoral college margins and defeated Obama.

Atomizer may believe that Thomas' McNeill's voice is the voice of a new generation (his generation), but I find him to be a local hack with very little credibility (and I am something of an authority on the subject of local radio hacks with little cred).

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