Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's The Final Count Downs

Are you paralyzed with anxiety over the possibility that you might miss the opening kick off for this year's Eagle Bank Bowl?

Consumed with dread that the pageantry and majesty that is a December 20 bowl match up between the fifth best team in the ACC and a service academy that somehow managed to lose to Notre Dame might pass you by?

If so, please start taking your medication again, you are a danger to yourself and others.

Or, optionally, you can temporarily ease your pain and silence those hectoring voices (you're going to miss the game, you never do anything right, you're a loser! L-O-S-E-R!) by following this link to:

The Eagle Bank Bowl Countdown!

Yes, you can know down to the millisecond how long it is before the start of the Eagle Bank Bowl and plan your life accordingly.

I've been casually monitoring it for the past 17 hours 43 minutes, 23.465 seconds or so and I must say it does provide a certain level of reassurance.

On the other hand, there is the issue of watching your life race by at the millisecond interval that is marginally horrifying. It's like someone put a fast forward on your own mortality and you realize how much time has been wasted. What else should I have done with my life? How many more Eagle Bank Bowls will I get the opportunity to view before this fragile candle glow be doth snuffed?

For those haunted by similar questions, I would recommend this link instead.

The Eagle Bank Bowl Countdown to Game Time

This one will allows you to monitor the progress this space-time continuum is making toward kick off of the Eagle Bank Bowl, yet at the languid pace of Days, Hours, and Minutes. Literally dozens of seconds go by before anything happens at all on this countdown. So as you watch this one, kick back and relax for the next 44 hours and change.

Of course, there is the worry that something may go wrong with this countdown in the 60 seconds between updates. What if it seizes up, experiences delays, distorts to the truth on when exactly the Eagle Bank Bowl really starts. I could be late or miss the whole thing and then where will I be!?!?

For those with similar concerns, Fraters Libertas is happy to provide as a public service, the following Countdown to Eagle Bank Bowl Countdown Countdown. This tells you exactly at what point the various Eagle Bank Bowl Countdowns should be counting down to zero.

As always, we've got your back Eagle Bank Bowl Countdown fans. Now let's get ready for some Eagle Bank sponsored football.

UPDATE: KAR takes note and documents for history this momentous FL event.