Tuesday, December 09, 2008

JB Fires Up His Rhetorical Bong

Adding to the Elder's piece on drugs legalisation (as the Brits put it) I always chuckle when I hear that we aren't "winning" the War On Drugs.

What would winning look like? I'd like to hear how winning could be defined since all we hear is that we are losing.

It reminds me of the left's take on the Ho Chi Minh Trail: we can't stop them, so why try?

Without interdictive bombing on the trail, South Vietnam would have fallen years earlier. Yet, the bombing has gone down in history as a failure.

It seems that with drugs--like the trail--without evidence of 100% eradication the entire policy has somehow failed. If 50 trucks head down the trail and we took out 25, I consider that a success.

So the answer is not to cease bombing, it's to increase it and to bomb places that have been havens before. Insert Cambodia metaphor here.

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