Monday, December 15, 2008

Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs

Voting for Part Two of the NARN First Team Loon of the Year begins now. Again, we will seek to narrow the field down to five more finalists who will join Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, Jeremiah Wright, Joy Behar, and Maxine Waters as the final ten contenders for the crown.

This second grouping is an interesting one. It includes the people who will be in charge of all three branches of our federal government after January 20th. All hail democracy. It also includes numerous multiple winners in the period including Nancy Pelosi (2x), Harry Reid (2x) and Joe Biden, who in an unprecedented run of lunacy managed to win Loon of the Week honors three times in a seven week period from September 7th to October 18th. Who knows what might have happened if the Dems hadn't locked him in a closet for the last three weeks of the campaign?

The multiple winners are only listed once on the ballot. And since Jeremiah Wright has already reached the finals, his name will not be included in this round of voting despite his his second LOTW award just this past week.

From the world of entertainment we have Sandra Bernhard and Eric Bogosian. For local flavor Arne Carlson and Mark Ritchie are part of the mix although in hindsight it does seem odd that Al Franken managed to avoid being included as a Loon for all of 2008.

Polls close Sunday. Voting for the Loon of the Year among the ten finalists begins Monday, December 19th.
Who should be the Five Finalists for the NARN Loon of the Year from this group(#2)? (vote for up to five)
Sandra Bernhard
Eric Bogosian
Joe Biden
Arne Carlson
Steven Cohen
James Clyburn
Bill Delahunt
Maurice Hinchey
Timothy Kaine
Barack Obama
Nancy Pelosi
Keith Olbermann
Harry Reid
Mark Ritchie
Rick Sanchez
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