Monday, December 08, 2008

RSVP'd Off

We got an invite today (via email) to attend a New Year's Celebration.

The pertient facts:

1. It is being held in someone's GARAGE!

2. We have to bring our own buze

3. We have to bring our own food "A dish to share" (eye roll)

4. One of the hosts mentioned they would be retiring at midnight--a not so subtle way of saying "You people are out of here at 12:01

Sounds like a great time, now don't it?

To cap it off, there was even a passing mention of "If you want to stay to clean up..." which serves as a warning that this will be like one of those parent-approved parties you went to when you were 15 and there would be a big bowl of bean dip on a table in the basement. Bean dip always meant the party would suck and you'd be uncomfortable the whole time.

The Elder Turns That Mother Out: Perhaps JB is just a touch bitter because he was asked to keep an eye on the aquarium and make sure nobody taps on the glass at the party.

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