Monday, December 08, 2008

Too Much Junk On Television

Yesterday, I suffered in front of the television watching the Vikings ugly win over the lowly Lions. During the game, my eldest son made repeated requests to watch a video instead, which in hindsight would have been far more entertaining. I kept telling him to wait until after the football game was over. Once it was, I acceded to his demands and we fired up a movie which he has only viewed 137 times previously.

It turned out to be a fortunate decision as we were spared the post-game locker room shot of Visanthe's Shiancoe :

Tight end Visanthe Shiancoe was the Vikings leading receiver and had a go-ahead touchdown catch in the fourth quarter today.

Unfortunately, he also became the subject of an embarrassing mistake in the locker room afterward that caused Fox officials to issue an apology.

Shiancoe was inadvertently shown naked on television while a FOX camera crew taped owner Zygi Wilf's presentation of the game ball to coach Brad Childress' 19-year-old son Andrew, who is joining the Marine Corps on Monday.

Shiancoe was standing behind and to the side of Wilf with a towel partly covering his body. But not completely.

Anytime you bring a camera into a locker room you're running the risk of catching more than you bargained for. The most memorable locker room exposure that I can recall came during the North Stars 1981 Stanley Cup playoff run. After they defeated the Calgary Flames in Game Six of the conference finals to reach the Stanley Cup Finals, local television was covering the post-game locker room celebration and viewers were treated to a full frontal shot of one of the disrobed Stars walking through the room. I believe that it was Gordie Roberts, but could be mistaken. Search for the clip on You Tube at your own risk.

JB Says:

I believe that nekkid north star was actually Greg Smith.

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