Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Minnesota Meltdown

The fallout from Franken's apparent victory continues as Ed Anger calls on his readers to BOYCOTT COMMIE-SOTA:

I'm madder than Jesse Ventura with a busted microphone about that idiot Al Franken. It's bad enough America picked a commie President with a crazy name, but now Minnesota went and made some potty mouth "comedian" a senator.

Our Founding Fathers didn't die at the Boston Tea Party just so a four-eyed squirt like Franken could get himself elected. If George Washington were alive today, he'd slap every idiot in Minnesota with a cold slab of dried out fish, except they'd probably like it! Those people eat deep fried Snickers bars and build statues out of butter to win prizes.

As much as it stings, that butter charge is hard to deny. I imagine that Ed would really have his dander up if he saw this:

That's right ladies and gentlemen. Our future United States Senator in butter. I think I'll just go hit myself with a dried out fish and get it over with.

[Tuuk tip to Kathy Shaidle.]

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