Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Riff Trax LIVE

According to sources, the MST3K expatriates now employed at RiffTrax will be going LIVE tonight with some online commentary on a new movie:

On January 28th [at 8PM Central] Mike, Kevin and Bill will be riffing the classic short "Overcoming Fear" broadcast LIVE (and for FREE!) from RiffTrax HQ in San Diego and viewable right here, totally FREE of charge, and powered by our friends at Ustream.TV.

Stick around after the Short for a bit of Q&A with the guys. You feed 'em the Q's via the chat feature (which will appear on this page the day of the show), and they answer them LIVE online.

UStream TV, the same folks that bring you the video streaming glory that is NARN, the Headlighters Edition, each and every week. If you're like me, you spend your Saturday afternoons lobbing withering bon mots and devastating ripostes at your laptop screen in response to Mitch and Ed's commentary. Now is our chance to watch some professionals have at it.

A preview of the Rifftrax subject tonight, the movie short "Overcoming Fear":

Fear: Most of us rejected it in the mid-90s by wearing trendy t-shirts emblazoned with slogans such as "Second Place is the First Loser." This national "No Fear" campaign almost single-handedly eradicated Fear from our streets. Unfortunately, one day America woke up and realized just how gut-wrenchingly lame those t-shirts were. The shame quickly gave way to a much more powerful emotion: Fear.

Also of note, if you miss tonight's broadcast, you can buy it at their website for 99 cents (cheap), as well as a host of other previous, no doubt worthy, efforts.

Once again, Riff Trax LIVE, tonight at 8PM Central.

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