Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't Panic

For those of you experiencing chest pains from reviewing your recent retirement account statements, here's a little reminder of why we all liked capitalism so much in the first place. The calm and grace of Louis Rukeyser and Wall Street Week, from the broadcast immediately following the 1987 crash.

Excerpt from his opening monolog:

Ok let's start with what's really important tonight. It's just your money, not your life. Everybody who really loved you a week ago, still loves you tonight. And that's a heck of a lot more important than the numbers on a brokerage statement. The robins will sing, the crocuses will bloom, babies will gurgle, and puppies will curl up in your lap and fall happily asleep, even when the stock market goes temporarily insane. And now that's all fully in perspective, let me say -ouch! And eek! And medic!

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