Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let's Agree That You Shouldn't Disagree

With time and increased exposure what may seem like insignificant personal characteristics can go from being mild irritants to catalysts for driving people to the edge of madness (and beyond). Consider the now infamous smirk of George W. Bush. At the beginning of his presidency, few probably took much notice of it and those who did likely didn't think much of it. By the end of his eight years in office, the mere sight of the smirking Bush would send liberals into a vein-bursting red-faced state of rage.

Watching and listening to President Obama last night, I once again detected a personal trait of his that hasn't been much remarked upon yet, but may cause his opponents to foam like rabid dogs after being exposed to it for the next four (maybe eight?) years.

For all his talk of unity, compromise, and bipartisanship, Barack Obama is a man who doesn't suffer opposition gladly. He's like the boss who has an "open door policy," but is visibly annoyed if anyone actually dares cross his threshold with a problem.

When Obama starts to speak specifically about said opposition, as he did last night, you can notice subtle changes in his demeanor. His tone becomes edgier. His speech becomes more chopped. His neck and facial muscles become tighter. It would be an exaggeration to say that he's outright snippy, but he's it's apparent that he's irritated that people don't agree with his grand proposals and he ain't at all happy about it.

I first picked up on this a couple of times during the campaign, but never made much of it. Seeing it on display again last night made me realize that this little behavior quirk is fairly annoying to anyone who hasn't bought into the "better living through hope and change" program. I predict that Obama's impatience with opposition will only become more pronounced as the days and years go on and those of us on the receiving end of his glaring irritation will only become more angered by it.

[ Before you dismiss this as nothing more thab the delusional rantings of a deranged wingnut consider that my emminetly sensible wife has observed the same behavior in our Commander in Chief.]

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