Friday, February 20, 2009

Pay Your Taxes-Keep 'Em Buying

David Harsanyi says it's time to stop complaining, be patriotic, and pay up:

Given that most of you will be paying your neighbors' mortgages soon, it only seems prudent that we start thinking in bolder terms. And by "thinking in bolder terms," I mean "thinking about me."

Why, for instance, should I be on the hook to pay those grating high-interest credit cards I signed up for? Or those detestable car payments?

For you folks who are less than ecstatic about straightening out my fiscal affairs, I have two things to say: 1) Don't be selfish. 2) Forget everything you ever have heard about the American Revolution.

Taxes, extreme government spending and wealth redistribution are patriotic. You're going to see so much patriotism that your kids will be pigtailed uber-nationalists by the time they hit kindergarten.

This week, Barack Obama heroically signed away $787,000,000,000 for so-called stimulus. He reportedly praised a Republican supporter for her patriotism in supporting the bill — which, by logical extension, means that those who voted "no" are unpatriotic toads.

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