Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's In It For Us?

Tim from Colorado e-mails to complain about the way the wealth is being redistributed:

I am just writing to congratulate you and your fellow Minnesotans for finishing fifteenth among all states and DC in terms of stimulus spending per capita, coming in at $1,789.62 per Minnesotan. That is a very good showing.

Yes! We're #15! In your face California!

We Coloradans are very disappointed at our showing, especially given the amount of nose-up-Obama's-butt-time that our Gov. Ritter has spent. We practically hand the keys to the whole friggin' state during the DNC, and then Ritter volunteers our SuperMax prison to the Feds to house Gitmo detainees, and then we lock down the city so Obama can sign the porkulus bill in all the pomp and circumstance it so richly deserved, and the thanks we get for that is a whopping $1,451 per person? Wyoming kicked our butts!!

What was I to expect with two freshman senators, I guess?

Of course, our state only has one sitting senator and we still came in fifteenth. Not to rub it in or anything.

At least we're not as bad off as Utah ($1,372).

Not the first or last time you'll hear that sentiment voiced.

When do we get our checks?

More importantly Tim is when do you get your bill.

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