Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bringing Home the Bacon, and the Cookies

Sen. Amy Klobuchar on attending the White House Super Bowl party:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn, said Obama was very cordial, and he and the first lady made guests feel comfortable. The president talked to everyone before the game started, she said, including a 12-year-old boy who asked Obama where the bathroom was.

"My favorite part was when he personally served us cookies -- oatmeal raisin --when we were watching the game," she said.
Not mentioned was her second favorite part, when Obama read her a story, gave her some warm milk, and sent her off to bed.

The purpose of the White House Super Bowl Party was to help persuade legislators to support the multi-trillion dollar Obama "stimulus" and budget plans. Something tells me Klobuchar didn't need a lot of persuading to help ramrod more liberalism down America's throat. As such, the cookie was entirely superfluous and wasteful spending. Shame on you Barack Obama for throwing our tax dollars away.

Actually, our Senator got more out of the event and bill than just a cookie. She, like nearly every Democrat in federal office, gets her share of the pork. Case study of a mere droplet in the tsunami of red ink about to hit the taxpayers:

To help support working families, Sen. Klobuchar fought for and secured $95,000 for the City of St. Paul's Second Shift Initiative. The Second Shift Initiative helps working families by using city libraries, parks and recreation centers to provide daily tutoring, mentoring and organized activities to St. Paul students after school hours, weekends and during the summer, spring and winter breaks.
Because Lord knows kids are absolutely despondent when they have to be separated from school when they get released each afternoon, on the weekends, during spring and winter breaks, and during the summer. Finally, someone figured out a way to fill the extra school demand gap.

"As a county prosecutor I saw firsthand the importance of keeping kids off the streets," said Klobuchar. "This innovative program is a great example of Minnesotans creating common sense solutions to give our kids the resources and education they need to achieve success, while also supporting working families in this tough economy."
If I understand the Senator correctly, these kids are the types that will fall into criminal lifestyles once they are away from the tender oversight of the government. A rather dismal view of humanity, but I'll take her word for it. Yet even with this "innovative, common sense" appropriation of $95K, we're not getting 24 hour control here. So, these little imps will be out on the mean streets at some time. Then its back in the rec center with all they've picked up. I ask you, working families of St. Paul, is that a place you want to send YOUR kids to hang out?

"This funding provides young people and families with a critical resource," said Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman. "The Second Shift Initiative provides young people quality learning opportunities that extend the learning day in a safe, positive atmosphere."
In my day, if you wanted a safe, positive atmosphere for learning after school, you went home. Where it was safe, anyway. It was assumed that parents wanted their children to learn, so they would make sure it happened, one way or another. No extra government funding required. Our society was based on parents love of, and nurturing of, children. They would get the job done. Are we to believe that's no longer applicable in St. Paul? Human nature has been fundamentally altered? That seems like a big story, I assume one of our local newspapers will be on that soon.

"This funding will make the difference for thousands of families in Saint Paul -- a difference made possible because of Senator Klobuchar's ability to deliver for Saint Paul kids."
In other words: This federal use of tax dollars has been brought to you by the Amy Klobuchar campaign committee. Amy Klobuchar 2012, delivering for St. Paul kids.

One quick calculation check here, $95,000 will help "thousands of families" in St .Paul according to Chris Coleman. Conservatively estimating the plural of "thousand" at two thousand, that comes out to a whopping $47.50 per St. Paul family seeking this desperately needed help. Hmmmm.

Predicted headline during the next budget cycle: CRISIS IN FUNDING FOR CRITICAL CHILDREN'S PROGRAM

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