Friday, March 13, 2009

Don't Toast The Revolution Without Me

Just in time for the weekend, the Fraters Libertas Beer Ratings have been updated. The update includes four new beers from Minhas, which despite its name is actually a Wisconsin brewery. The overall verdict on their offerings is a solid, "meh." Better than most of the mass-produced American counterparts, but short of the quality product that true craft breweries are putting out.

Since many of the original beer ratings were done years ago, I also took the opportunity to go back and revise some of them based on my tasting experiences since then. This lead to some beers being rated higher and others lower.

And I am happy to announce that we have inked an exclusive sponsorship deal for the Fraters Libertas Beer Ratings with Glen Lake Wine and Spirits in Minnetonka. Whenever the store has a new or seasonal beer offering available, we will receive a keg, case, 12-pack, okay 6-pack to rate and review here. Intense negotiations are also underway to reach a similar accord with Glen Lake Wine and Spirits covering Single Malt Scotches. Developing...

Lastly, Wright e-mails to hep us to a Reason TV video celebrating The American Beer Revolution:

Today, although mainstream beers still dominate the market, more than 1,400 breweries in the U.S. produce more styles of beer than anywhere else in the world, and American beers routinely dominate international beer competitions.

So the next time you're at your favorite brewpub, hold your glass up high and celebrate the American beer revolution.

Viva la revolucion!

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