Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Great Right North?

Check out this gem from a City Pages story on U.S. military deserters who are flocking to Canada to avoid war:

The deserters have become a tight-knit community, enjoying weekly dinners at a Chinese restaurant near the office, keeping tabs on one another's court cases, and celebrating the babies born to resisters and their spouses. To Zaslofsky, the young men and women have become his surrogate children, and he doesn't want any of them put in jail. "We have a Rush Limbaugh government here. This isn't how Canada is supposed to be," he says defiantly.

A Rush Limbaugh government? In Canada? Really? Hmmm...I may have to reconsider my views of our neighbors to the north.

I love how the writer describes him as making this quote "defiantly." It's such a brave stand he's taking in defying the jack-booted thugs who run the Canadian government. Any moment now, speech police might descend and dragoon him off for a show trial in a kangaroo court.

Oh wait. They only do that in Canada to people who speak out and say anything unflattering about Islam or homosexuality.

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