Friday, April 17, 2009

Conceal That You're Carrying?

Tim from Colorado e-mails with an interesting query about what happens when theory meets reality:

I'm leaving Thursday for a Fri-Mon class, and I have to say I'm really looking forward to it. I am attending because I have obtained a CCW (carry concealed weapons) permit. I am an avid hunter and been around long guns most of my life, but am not fluent with handguns. If I decide to begin carrying I want to be confident and competent.

There's an interesting dynamic going on around me about this class and the CCW permit, and maybe it's a subject you might want to pose to other FL readers.

I live in a relatively small town 20 miles southeast of Denver. Parker is a nice town but not Mayberry RFD either. We get our occasional sensational event. I decided over two years ago to take a the basic pistol course required for a concealed weapons permit (CCW). Last October I finally decided to apply for my CCW permit, most likely because I wanted to get it before the governor told me I couldn't have it; not a good reason, but a reason nonetheless. At the time I applied for the permit, I didn't believe I would actually carry very often. My office is posted as a no-gun zone, and there just aren't many places during my day that I ever feel the slightest need to be armed. But I also subscribe to the general theory that it is better to have something and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

I didn't go around telling my circle of friends that I have a CCW permit because the subject of guns tends to polarize people, but it has eventually leaked out. Considering that my circle of friends is mostly conservative, I am somewhat surprised at their general reaction to my having a CCW permit, and that I'm going to attend this defensive handgun class. I have received some ribbing about getting a CCW permit and attending this class. The general reaction has been "what do you need that for?" instead of "good for you; that's the responsible thing to do". I'm really a little baffled here.

On the whole, I do not consider our society a dangerous society. Do you find it odd, at what ever degree, that a conservative group of people would take this sort of stance? I expect strong support from conservative people who are probably conservative only because of their stance on the gun rights, but a number of my friends are ex-military, and even they give me a strange look about this issue.

I guess these sorts of differences are to be expected across the broad conservative spectrum, but the reaction to this issue from people I consider to be conservative has me a little puzzled.

What's the official FL position?

That's easy. Fraters Libertas is proud to support the right of all law-abiding Americans to keep, bear, and if necessary conceal arms. Amen, end of story.

Well, maybe not all law-abiding Americans. I mean can you imagine what might happen if Atomizer got his hands on a blower? (shiver) No, that would not be prudent. And then there's JB's anger management issues. Saint Paul has that whole Irish thing working against him...

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