Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vast Wasteland

For the third consecutive year, the Nihilist In Golf Pants has NOT won a City Pages Best Local Blog award. They didn't even win the Reader's Choice award, although a blog devoted to getting inebriated did.

When I first noticed the fact that the Nihilist had not won a City Pages Best Local Blog award since their first and only prize in 2006, I was afflicting the comfortable. Now, after three years of covering the Nihilist's futility accompanied by their sharp creative decline, I'm starting to feel like I am afflicting the afflicted. Fortunately, like the Nihilist himself, I have no conscience, so I have no problem with that.

The Nihilist's dwindling apologists are running low on excuses. Clearly it was not their stale stable of regular contributors that was holding them down. Even with the recent addition of two new "talents" their trophy case remains bare. Nor can the drought be blamed on the Nihilist's intellectually bankrupt status: a blog that writes in the voice of an arrogant, condescending dog won a City Pages Best Local Blog award last year.

Ah well, there is always next year -- if they can stay in business that long. Here are the blogs that are smaller than the Nihilist, yet have somehow managed to win a City Pages Best Local Blog award since 2006:

Culture Bully (1)

Mediation (1)

Faith Mouse (1)

The Cucking Stool (1)

The list grows and grows. One gets the sense the Nihilist's City Pages Best Local Blog award window is closing fast.

Speaking of the Nihilist, someone has created a new blog called Dump The Nihilist.

While we appreciate comments from all vantage points, this site is totally a forum for Anti-Nihilist viewpoints. If you have a problem with the blogs content, we suggest that you post here the comment that was deleted at the Nihilist in Golf Pants. However, we are also looking for comments in defense of the Nihilist, as we would very much like to point at you and laugh.
With this kind of grass roots pressure, I'd be surprised if the Nihililst makes it to Memorial Day. Developing.