Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What's About Bob?

At True North, Brad Carlson passes on the very sad news that Bob Davis Is Gone At AM1500:

Contents of an e-mail I received from AM 1500 KSTP:

Bob Davis is no longer with AM1500 KSTP. His last show was today, April 7.

Bob's contributions over the last eight years are appreciated and we wish him well. His effervescent demeanor, his always-ready belly laugh and his iconic head of hair leave a lasting impression on all who meet him.

Starting Thursday morning at 9am, we will have a brand new radio program for the Twin Cities. I could tell you their names (yes, a two-person show), but you have not heard of them. They are new to Twin Cities radio, but not new to upper Midwest radio and both guys have personal ties to the Twin Cities metro.

Sounds like Willie Clark times two. KSTP has now canned Dave Thompson (who is reportedly now in the running for MN GOP Chair) and Bob Davis within a week. Two of the few hosts on the station that I could listen to for more than five minutes with being bored or annoyed.

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