Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bark and Bite

Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson has launched the Hennepin County Taxpayer Watchdog blog today:

Welcome to the Hennepin County Taxpayer Watchdog--a blog dedicated to informing the taxpayers of one of America's largest counties how their money is really being spent.

I am a member of the 7-member Hennepin County Board of Commissioners myself. I was first elected to the Board last November and sworn in this January. In my first few months, I've been amazed at the reach of the $1.7 billion annual county budget (larger than several state budgets) and the sometimes curious (and sometimes outrageous) ways this money is spent. As Hennepin County government actions largely fly under the media radar screen--despite our tremendous impact on your individual and business property taxes--I felt it time to provide an insider perspective.

While state, city, and school district budgets usually receive a fair amount of scrunity, I would guess that most Hennepin County taxpayers have no idea how most of their county tax dollars are spent. Shining some light on this from Jeff's unique perspective will be most welcome. Now, if we just get a Met Council watchdog...

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