Monday, May 04, 2009

Cradle To Crib

I've commented before on my fears about the growth of Adolescent America and worried about what will become of the country when too many people decide that they'd rather abdicate "grownup" responsibility to the government than have to deal with it themselves.

Now, in a piece at Intellectual Conservative, Gary Larson worries that we're witnessing the rise of the "baby class" as explempfied by their Infant-In-Chief:

Meanwhile, we veterans (me, of Vietnam) are now set up by a left-leaning bureaucracy (Dept. of Homeland Security, of ALL people) as a suspect group of domestic terrorists. Nope, it doesn't get more grossly insulting than that, the ingratitude of the Far Left, toward those who protected their asses physically. Rough men with guns we were.

Babies likely did not serve in the military. They did not put their lives on the line for their country, or on hold to rejoin civilians. DHS dunce Janet Napolitano, one of the kids who doesn't "get it," should hang her head in shame for targeting us GIs.

Babies' newly chosen leader, Kid Obama, is their water-walker, their Messiah. Even while releasing classified secrets to our enemies, now joined by file photos to be used as hate-propaganda and recruitment tools, the rest of the babies support him, say the polls. Lord knows why; it is a phenomenon that transcends logic. But then, he is the whirling dervish. Such activity suggests accomplishment. It is the opposite.

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