Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mail Bag

Tim from Colorado e-mails to comment on Gary Larson's piece on the rise of "baby class":

It's a shame, but I think that while the positive public opinion of veterans and law enforcement swelled after 9/11, that positive view is now shrinking; I don't believe that the public holds our veterans and law enforcement in as high a regard as they did shortly after 9/11. Why was there not a greater outcry from the public in speaking out for our veterans? I think the success the Bush administration had in preventing further attacks in the US is a major reason why the general public has developed such a myopic memory.

Sadly, it will probably take another attack here in the US for the public-at-large to re-understand why we need aggressive terrorist investigation, and why we need a strong, flexible military. Mr. Larson is exactly right about the decision to release the documents and photos regarding US interrogation practices. That information will be used against us in many ways.

Obama and Napolitano are sheep. You may think this is a partisan statement, but in my defense I say take a look at the choices this administration is making when it comes to our national security. Show me one thing they've done right.

God bless our sheep dogs.

Jonathan e-mails to share his own memories of last week's Beer Of The Week:

Seeing your review last week brought back some memories, let me tell you. I spent the years 1994-97 stationed in Baumholder, Germany and Bitburger was a staple. I rather bad staple, but a staple nonetheless. Your "0" for aftertaste truly doesn't do it justice. On draft, it's in the sub-zero category. The way I learned to tolerate Bitburger was in a drink the locals in Baumholder called a Rattler. It was a 50-50 mix of Bitburger and Sprite. It truly isn't as awful as it sounds as the sweetness of the Sprite offsets the bitterness a bunch. It was a bit of a pussy drink, but I'll take it over straight Bitburger any day of the week.

Gott in himmel! That sounds downright sickening.

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