Saturday, May 09, 2009

Northern Alliance Radio Network

Join us beginning at 11AM today for another episode of the Northern Alliance Radio Network.

John Hinderaker and I will be LIVE in studio. A jam packed show planned. In addition to the normal vivisection of the issues of the day, we have a special guest in the noon hour. The dean of American political reporting, Michael Barone joins us. Of course, he's a regular contributor to Fox News and the author of The Almanac of American Politics and former writer for US News and World Report. He's just moved to a columnist/blogging position at the Washington Examiner. We'll hear about his new gig and get his commentary on the top political and electorial stories of the day.

Plus Loon of the Week, This Week in Gate Keeping, and much, much more.

It all starts at 11AM Central, locally on AM1280 the Patriot. Streaming LIVE worldwide at the web site. You can join the conversation at 651-289-4488.

Following us at 1 PM, Mitch Berg and Capt. Ed Morrissey, then at 3PM it's King Banaian and the Final Word. Also, don't forget David Strom preceding us all at 9 AM.

Don't you dare miss it!

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