Monday, June 08, 2009

Lifestyle Costs

Berkley e-mails:

So according to this article the Democrats are considering taxing my beer and my Coke, and calling it a "lifestyle tax." Is this really the direction they want to go? Taxing people's lifestyle choices? If they want to open that Pandora's box, I can think of plenty of lifestyle choices enjoyed by liberals that should be open to taxes:

Abortions -- you engaged in risky behavior that led to 'medical condition' (aka pregnancy), so we gotta tax you.

Organic food -- it runs a higher risk of e-coli, so we gotta tax you

Condom tax -- condoms aren't foolproof, you're risking getting a STD so we gotta tax you.

I'm sure there are others. Why should the mainstream public have their lifestyles criticized and taxed, and not the liberals?

Good question. What other lefty lifestyle choices should be taxed (or taxed more heavily)?

While riding a bike is healthy, it's also dangerous. Especially in an urban environment. Bike tax.

Loud music causes hearing loss and stage diving can cause serious injury. Club tax.

Body piercing and tattoos carry increased risks of infection. Tax 'em both.

Bumper stickers are a distraction in traffic and may cause accidents. Bumper sticker tax.

Plants remove CO2 from the atmosphere by photosynthesis. Vegetarians eat plants thereby contributing to global warming. (This is not an original idea--can't recall where I got it from.) Tax all vegetarian meals.

Other ideas?

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