Monday, July 06, 2009

Wanna Be Buds

A couple of things that I simply just don't understand about the "young people" today.

#1 The incessant texting. Yes, I appreciate why a text message is appropriate and appealing in some situations. Why I've even texted messages and pictures myself on occasion. And I also know that in some countries sending text messages on a cell is a much cheaper alternative to voice communications. But I still wonder what the hell American kids are doing constantly sending ungodly numbers of text messages. Who are you texting? What are you texting about? Why don't you just call the person and save yourself a lot of time and effort?

#2 The incessant use of MP3 players. Lately, I've noticed various sized groups of youngsters hanging out together with each member of said group sporting the distinctive cord running from the ear to MP3 player (or cell) in pocket or hand look. Why? This isn't a road trip where you want to get away from your family. These are you friends, people you're freely chosen to associate with, people you likely share common interests with, and people who I assume you would want to be in active communication with. What is with this desire to have your own little personal soundtrack playing at ALL times in ALL circumstances? How can you have a shared experience when you're all listening to different music?

Again, I appreciate the convenience of MP3 players. I understand why you want to use them while working out, commuting, or travelling (by the way, if the passenger seated next to you on the plane takes out an iPod and headphones, it means he DOESN'T want to talk). But when you're hanging with your friends don't you want to be there in the moment together with your friends? Sigh. Kids these days...

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