Thursday, July 02, 2009

When Rich and Famous Writers Publish Things You'd Be Embarrassed to Read On a Crappy Blog

The pride of St. Louis Park MN, Thomas Friedman of the New York Times on the opposition to the Democrats recent carbon credit cap and trade bill:

What are Republicans thinking? It is not as if they put forward a different strategy, like a carbon tax. Does the G.O.P. want to be the party of sex scandals and polluters or does it want to be a partner in helping America dominate the next great global industry: E.T. -- energy technology? How could Republicans become so anti-environment, just when the country is going green?
And the Western suburbs weep.

Awaiting former St. Louis Park resident Chad The Elder's statement on this disturbing incident.

The Elder Adds: I'll cede my time to another rich and famous writer whose work is actually deserving of said fame and fortune. George Will's words are from a piece on health care reform, but I think they're fitting for cap and trade as well:

Regarding reform, conservatives are accused of being a party of "no." Fine. That is an indispensable word in politics because most new ideas are false and mischievous. Furthermore, the First Amendment's lovely first five words ("Congress shall make no law") set the negative tone of the Bill of Rights, which is a list of government behaviors, from establishing religion to conducting unreasonable searches, to which the Constitution says: No.

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