Thursday, August 13, 2009


The latest sign of desperation among the forces pushing the Democrats' health care reform plans comes via e-mail in the form a panicky plea from the folks at

Right-wing mobs aren't just disrupting congressional town halls--their outlandish lies are now making their way into mainstream news coverage, too.

How dare they! Mainstream media coverage is supposed to be reserved exclusively for left-wing lies.

We need to set the record straight. The majority of Americans support real health care reform. And no wonder, given the incredible cost of inaction.

In Minnesota alone, 190 people lose their coverage every day. And for those with insurance, yearly premiums will hit $22,467 in a few years if we don't act.

We can't let right-wing extremists ruin the biggest opportunity in a generation to get real reform. Can you send a quick letter to the editor of The Star Tribune--or another local paper--about the urgent need in Minnesota for Congress to pass health care reform with a real public option?

The e-mail goes on to provide a link to a form letter to the editor and provides helpful talking points to use.


A group organizing efforts and providing information to help citizens make their voices heard and influence political outcomes? How positively un-American. Boy, wait 'til the White House hears about this...

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