Friday, August 28, 2009

Northern Alliance Radio Network

The Northern Alliance Radio Network will be broadcasting LIVE at the Minnesota State Fair starting tomorrow at 11 AM. We consider these shows the highlight of our year, a big reason being all the people we get to meet. If you're a listener to the show, please stop on by to say "hi". In particular, if you have the ability to sound like a cow; are a fan of body piercing, ear lobe weight lifting, uncommonly hirsute and/or flexible humans; or interested in what the suave, sophisticated angry white male will be wearing this fall, you'll definitely want to stop by between 11AM - 1 PM.

We're located on Dan Patch and Cosgrove, right next to the Merchandise Mart. The Patriot Plaza has tables and comfortable chairs available, the perfect spot to kick back and enjoy a beer and four or five bags of mini donuts while listening to the best in local talk radio.

For those who can't make it out, as always we'll be on AM1280 the Patriot starting at 11 AM. Streaming LIVE worldwide at the station web site. You can call in and join the conversation at 651-289-4488. Or if you're on site, stroll right up and we'll get you on the air.

Following us at 1 PM, Mitch Berg and Ed Morrissey, then at 3PM it's King Banaian and the Final Word. Also, don't forget David Strom preceding us all at 9 AM. All LIVE at the Fair.

Don't you dare miss it.

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