Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Savoring Summer

A couple of quick beer related notes:

1. Summit Brewing Company introduces a new, limited release line of beers:

The first in the series, Kölsch, is a traditional German style ale with a light, balanced, crisp and refreshing profile with just a slight fruitiness. The brewery has utilized only the most authentic ingredients available to produce this beer. There is 100% imported German malt; a blend of Pilsener and Kölsch malts from the Global Malt cooperative (a cooperative of 3 German Maltsters with a combined 6 maltings headquartered in Osthofen) and a small percentage of Caramalz from the Weyermann maltings in Bamberg. The hops used are also imported from Germany and are only grown in the Hallertau region of Bavaria. Hallertau Mittelfrüh are some of the most delicate, distinctive and highly prized hops in the world. Finally, the brewers have used a traditional top fermenting Kölsch yeast obtained from the world-renowned yeast banks at Weihenstephan in Bavaria.

Summit Kölsch is the product of these authentic ingredients combined with traditional mashing and brewing procedures in our German brewhouse, followed by a cool fermentation and a cold conditioning period. This yields the finest, most true-to-style example of this unique beer that the brewery could hope to produce, a perfect session beer for the final days of summer!

The Kölsch will be available in bottles and on draught for a limited time starting the week of August 10. The next beer in the Unchained Series will be available late Fall.

News that Summit is releasing a new beer is always welcome. News that it will be a Kolsch even more so as it is one of my favorite warm weather varities and one that's all too rarely attempted by US brewers.

2. I finally got around to trying Farm Girl Saison from Lift Bridge Brewing in Stillwater. While it's not exactly the most manly sounding beer out there, it is a tasty and refreshing brew which is ideal for summer drinking. Just the latest example of a local brewery making good.

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