Thursday, August 06, 2009

Truth In Satire

These days I rarely get a chance to watch "South Park." Which, given the tawdry nature of the show is probably a blessing in disguise. Still, I found myself laughing more often than not last night when I managed to catch an episode called Eek, A Penis!. It originally aired in April 2008 and the plot is far too convoluted and cracked to easily explain. However, I did find this one exchange interesting:

Molita: There isn't any point to all this. I won't be going to college... I'm pregnant, alright? I just found out, and Eduardo isn't gonna help me raise it.

Cartman:(in a Mexican accent) *sigh* How do I reach these kids? Alright, let's go get you an abortion.

Molita: No, I'm catholic! I think abortion is wrong!

Cartman:(in a Mexican accent) Abortion isn't wrong! What's the one thing I've been teaching you?

Molita:...That cheating is good?

Cartman:(in a Mexican accent) Yes! And abortion is the ultimate form of cheating! You're cheating nature itself! [Molita walks away from him] Why do rich white girls get ahead in life? Because they get abortions when they're young! They get pregnant, but they still want to go to college so, whatever, they just cheat! They cheat that little critter in their belly right out of a chance at life.

Molita: I don't know Mr C...

Cartman:(in a Mexican accent) Mexicans are told not to cheat. "Don't cheat! You got pregnant, you have to raise the child!" So then you have to raise the child while all the white girls get to go to college and probably have a bunch more abortions! [faces Molita] It is at our most challenging times, that we must cheat our very hardest.

Not the type of pro-life message that you're probably used to hearing, but a pretty unmistakable one.

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