Thursday, September 03, 2009


Never really thought about it much before hearing the song this morning, but the Tubes' She's A Beauty has to be the most upbeat, feel-good tune about stripping in the pop music catalog. The breezy, Eighties syntho sound just doesn't seem to fit right when you really listen to the lyrics:

Step right up and don't be shy,
because you will not believe your eyes.
She's right here behind the glass
and you're gonna like her,
'cause she's got class.

Yes, the librarian glasses and g-string do tend to signify class. And she's also just stripping to make money for law school.

You can say anything you like,
but you can't touch the merchandise.
She'll give you every pennies worth,
but it will cost you a dollar first.

Pure poetry that.

UPDATE: King has more--more than probably ever wanted to know about The Tubes.

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