Thursday, September 24, 2009

Born To Be Mild

The only man who seems to take more vacations--and therefore more time off from his radio duties--than shock jock Hugh Hewitt is our own Brian "Saint Paul" Ward. This Saturday, Saint Paul will once again be jetting off to some exotic locale to experience the lavish trappings of the indigenous culture and hobknob with the ruling elite(rumor has it his destination this time around is COL-O-RA-DO). Which means that he will be unable to fulfill his appointed duties behind the mike on the First Team of the Northern Alliance Radio Network on Saturday from 11am-1pm.

Ordinarily Saint Paul's absence would not cause for undue concern, but this week is different. Because this week the NARN will be doing a special remote broadcast to help support a very special cause. That cause or maybe more accurate causes are Tee it up for the Troops and the Patriot Guard Riders. And the location of Saturday's special remote broadcast is Cooper's Bar and Grill in Eagan. That's right, BAR and grill.

When asked if I could fill Saint Paul's deep vocal loafers this week, my reply was "You had me at bar." So this Saturday, I will rejoin John Hinderaker on the AM1280 The Patriot airwaves from 11am-1pm LIVE from Cooper's along with the rest of the NARN crew (and a couple of special guests) as part of the festivities involved in their Second Annual Bike Run.

Now, it's been a while since I've had my bike out, but once I heard about this event I couldn't wait to get my three-speed Schwinn down from the garage rafters. I put some air in the tires, wiped off the sparkling blue banana seat, and even added some tassels to the end of the handlebars. Once I clothespin a card to the spokes, I'll be ready to ride baby.

What? You're saying it's not for that kind of bike run? Oh, now I see, it's that kind of bike run. Someone should make sure Mitch is clear about this to avoid any unnecessary wearing of spandex on Saturday.

I should also point out that any concerns about whether the crowd at Cooper's might be too tough for me are downright ridiculous. I'll have you know I stubbed my toe last week while watering my spice garden and I only cried for twenty minutes. Besides I'll have John riding shotgun with me. Nobody garners respect from a rough and tumble crowd like an Ivy League lawyer.

Hmmm...Maybe I will ask John not to wear his Dartmouth shirt on Saturday. And I'll make sure the Patriot technical crew has the mesh up.

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