Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Company of Men

Here's a selection of reader response to my Man Up post.

From Bill:

Most of the ten or so good friends I made in college now live in the metro area. When we get together for beers/bar/etc., they always call it "boys night out." (Shorthand: "BNO") This has been going on for like ten years and I still cringe every time I hear it or read it. Thanks for your much-needed post!

From Mike:

I organized the men in my neighborhood as a spin on the popular suburban women's excuse to gather, gossip and drink wine. Theirs is Bunco (which is telling as they pretend to actually gather for the purpose of playing games), ours is Drunko. We don't pretend anything nor is our gathering a response for ensuring we''get our fair time' out without the spouse. Simply put, we gather on someone's patio, deck, in their garage or basement when its cold, stand in a circle and drink beer. Period. If the host is generous, we get a bag of chips and if they're really generous, we get dip. We even have a mascot.

Another term to stay away from is manscaping. Equally lame as Man Cave.

Finally, a question from Henry:

Hmmmm...pondering your denunciation of ManCave as a term. I've always called the "den" in my house the Man Room. Thereby designating its rightful place as an escape for males only: my son and I. Computer, Nintendo, guitar, boombox,baseball pics, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, WWII photos, and a "Liberty or Death" flag. Does that qualify for coolness? Or is that categorized as wussified?

Hmmm....Kind of a borderline call. Since you use the term "room" I suppose it passes muster as being acceptable. By they way, your e-mail has been forwarded to the DHS and you are now likely on some kind of extremist watch list. You really need to be careful about keeping flags around that espouse such radical ideas.

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