Friday, September 04, 2009

Fashion Smashion

The eyes of the fashion world have been on Spain this week for the 080 Barcelona Fashion Show. As the new Fraters Libertas fashion correspondent, I offer my insights on the proceedings.

The economy is tough even for those at the top of the fashion biz. Here Joan Fabregas makes use of the leftover scraps lying around her shop:

Every once in a while a designer will come up with something that makes me say, "why didn't I think of that?!" Andrea Ayala has done just that with her lampshade hat. Have I been drinking like Atomizer and the Crazy Uke combined or am I just very, very chic?

These shoes by Guillen Doz look structurally unsound to me. I hope Doz wasn't involved in the 35W bridge redesign.

Sometimes conservatives see the fashion world as left-wing, but in truth, the fashionistas are often reliable indicators of political trends left and right. Consider the Cardona Bonache collection's homage to the "Obama Joker" poster:

Admit it guys, a purse would often come in handy for carrying all of our stuff. The only reason we don't carry one is that it would make us look gay. Good news! Joan Fabregas has the solution: sew the purse onto the clothes! Now we can have our purse and our manly dignity too:

Everyone, even the Spanish fashion industry, is trying to come up with ways to make our health care better. Matthew Ames may not be equipped to cure your spinal injury, but he can sure come up with a design that will hide that ugly neck brace:

One of the shames of the high fashion industry has been the way it has under-served the geek community. The 080 Barcelona fashion show has taken baby steps towards righting that wrong. Joseph Abril has come up with a design perfect for that Star Wars party -- "recently escaped from the trash compactor":

Watch for this Japanese anime character from Adrea Ayala at next year's ComiCon:

This piece by Romain Kremer is good, but it seems to be missing something.

I've got it! Now this is what I call high fashion: