Friday, September 18, 2009

Hop On Pop

Emily e-mails to report that the efforts to tax sugary soda (or pop for those of us here in the Upper Midwest) are not dead yet:

1) It's clear this is just about money. One of the scientists pushing for the tax concedes that it would have just a "modest effect" on consumption, but could generate "billions of dollars."

2) This would be a super high tax! The penny-per-ounce tax they're proposing would be a 50% tax on 2-liter bottles, and a 45% tax on 12-packs.

This isn't about being overweight, this is about money and control. The government and their merry band of 'experts' just want to find new ways to tax and take control of our lives.

The full story from the New York Times is available here.

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