Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Mother of All Tea Parties

Thursday is Constitution Day, established to celebrate that mythological document which at one time was said to do such things as limit the scope of activity of the Federal government in our daily lives.

There are those who still believe in this precept and many of the best and brightest among them are gathering to celebrate it and remind our elected officials that they once swore an oath to protect and defend this very belief.

This Thursday, September 17, on the State Capitol steps in St. Paul, from 5:00 - 7:00 PM, it is the Constitution Day Tea Party, sponsored by AM1280 The Patriot. A partial list of the scheduled speakers include these members of the local talk radio glitterati:

*David Strom - charismatic host of the David Strom Show on AM1280 the Patriot and former President of the Minnesota Tax Payer's League.

*Mitch Berg - legendary blogger and host of the Headliner edition of the Northern Alliance Radio Network on AM1280 the Patriot.

*Chris Baker - host of the highly entertaining Christ Baker Show, mornings on KTLK-FM.

*Sue Jeffers - former owner of Stub & Herbs, former gubernatorial candidate, and current weekend radio host on KTLK-FM.

*Bradlee Dean - Christian rap-core drummer for Junkyard Prophet and host of The School of Hard Knocks on KKMS.

That's right, three different talk radio stations will be represented. The hosts have promised to check their egos at the door for one night only and come together for this very special cause.

Once again, it all goes down Thursday, starting at 5PM on the state capitol steps. The organizers are encouraging attendees to: "Put on your best patriot attire, bring your signs and cameras, we are about to make history once again!

If the atmosphere is anything like the what we've been seeing at the recent rallies in Washington DC and around the country it figures to be a lot of fun (regardless whether a local version of the Boob Czar makes an appearance or not). You'll definitely want to be on site if you can. But if you can't make it, the Patriot will be broadcasting LIVE from the event. (Yet another bonus, getting to preempt the Hugh Hewitt Show.)

Once again, it is this Thursday at the Minnesota State Capitol, at 5PM. Don't you dare miss it!

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