Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Painting The Map Purple

The WSJ reports that judging by jersey sales, Favre fever has reached pandemic stage:

Sorry, Favre-haters. From April 2009 to the end of the NFL preseason, the best-selling jersey for any NFL player belonged to Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, whose jersey was the top seller in 19 states. Mr. Favre is one of just eight NFL players whose jersey was the top seller in more than one state. Below is a popularity map for these eight players, based on exclusive data from Reebok.

Interesting to note that one of those nineteen states was Wisconsin. Sorry Aaron Rodgers. While it's allegedly "all about the Packers" in Wisconsin, apparently a large number of Cheeseheads still have a lingering man-crush on number four.

It should be noted that as an outspoken Favre skeptic (I reject Sisyphus' label of "Favre denier") I am not celebrating the spreading number four purple jersey pandemic. I just find it amusing that the lemming-like laundry wearing is not limited to Minnesota.

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