Saturday, October 31, 2009

Democrat Party Girl

Reviewing the just released list of White House visitors will make any Minnesotan swell with pride. Our senator, Amy Klobuchar, called to visit the executive mansion not once, but twice. The listed "visitee" was no less than the "POTUS" and the "FLOTUS". (Looks like she wisely avoided the SCROTUS.)

Access to power! Influencing the big issues! Getting Minnesota's voice heard!

Well, maybe. That is, if Minnesota's voice could be heard above the blaring 60" plasma, the ukele strumming, and clinking of umbrella garnished drink glasses. The listed descriptions of the purpose of her two visits to the White House:


If she's not meeting with the President to hone legislation, maybe she can at least tell us what Nancy Pelosi looks like in a grass skirt.

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