Friday, October 16, 2009

Dialing It Up

When the Northern Alliance Radio Network first hit the airwaves back in aught-four, it featured an enormous cast of characters. At one point I think there were thirty-seven separate voices clamoring for air time, sometimes in the same hour.

Through the years and tears, one by one most of these voices have fallen silent and left the NARN fold. Now, another one of the founders and NARN mainstays is moving on.

King Banaian has uttered his final words as part of the NARN and will be moving on up the dial to 1570 KYCR beginning this Saturday. He's got a new time slot (9am-11am) and it sounds like a slightly different format with more emphasis on business and economics. Gone from the NARN, but certainly not forgotten with his new gig.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that based on recommendations from a talk radio consultant, the NARN is going to undergo a makeover. Look for the relaunch as the "Fathers of Freedom" this Saturday from 11am-3pm complete with powdered wigs on all four remaining hosts (a nice perk for Mitch and Ed). You don't want to start the revolution without listening to them.

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