Monday, October 19, 2009

Elder Care

So I wonder how our beloved Elder fared in his trip to the Orient?

If memory serves, it was about 39 hours total flight time, one way, all in coach.


He's a tender little guy too (Uncle Rico: Poor kid. I've been takin' care of him while his grandma's in the hospital. He still wets the bed and everything. Ilene: You're kidding. Uncle Rico: Yeah, he's a tender little guy. He still gets beat up and what-not. Uncle Rico: Anyway uh... so we still feelin' pretty good about this, uh, 32-piece set here...) so it probably felt more like like 80 hours. I was telling him that it was especially brutal that he had to make the journey on a Saturday because God forbid they let him leave on a Friday and not squeeze another 8 hours out of him.

Saturdays are mine. I don't consider them to be good travel days at all. It might even seem like it's better if the flight is later in the afternoon, but then you have it hanging over your head all day and most of your time is spent preparing for the trip.

So attention corporate muckitees: don't make us travel on Saturdays or Sundays, dig?

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