Saturday, October 10, 2009

Go-Go To Go

There's a lot to ponder in the aftermath of the Twins loss to the Yankees last night. One thought that kept coming back as I tried to drift off to sleep with visions of blown calls, blown saves, blown opportunities dancing in my head is that the Twins can't afford to continue to keep players on the roster who can't play--and don't seem to understand the concept of--fundamentally sound baseball.

Last year, Carlos Gomez was a novelty who seemed to have great future potential. This year, he's a joke who should have no place in the future plans of the organization. He's shown little discernible improvement in his approach to hitting (his weakest area) and although he's a great fielder and fast runner, he's still prone to making boneheaded mistakes in the outfield and the base paths. At what point do the Twins decide that his obvious talent is not matched by his baseball instincts and attitude and never will be? Twins fans too need to get past dreaming about what Gomez might be--a trap I fell into--and accept him for what is he is now and likely will be in the future: a talented baseball player who just doesn't get it.

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