Friday, October 16, 2009

Northern Alliance Radio Network

The Northern Alliance Radio Network is back LIVE tomorrow for another exciting broadcast day. The First Team (John Hinderaker and I) start it all bright and early at 11AM central. Highlights promise to be the two guests we have scheduled to appear.

At 11:30 we have Pete Hegseth, Executive Director of Vets for Freedom and contributor to National Review Online. Pete is an Iraq veteran from the 101st Airborne Division, Princeton grad, and Minnesota native. Back before the surge in Iraq, when the Congress and Democrats were going wobbly, he played an important public advocacy role in articulating the need to stay and win the fight. Now, as the situation in Afghanistan appears to deteriorate, he may need to play a similar role again. We'll ask Pete where we stand and what's the best plan going forward.

At 12 noon, we'll be joined by singer/songwriter John Ondrasik from one of our favorite bands, Five for Fighting. He's already got a couple of platinum records on his resume and just released a terrific new album this week, Slice. I've been listening to it all day, Lots of thought-provoking lyrics and beautiful melodies. We'll ask John about the songs and about his career, which memorably included this featured performance at the Concert for New York City right after 9/11.

Plus Loon of the Week, This Week in Gatekeeping, and more

Remember, The Northern Alliance Radio Network starts at 11AM Central, locally on AM1280 the Patriot. Streaming LIVE worldwide at their web site. You can join the conversation at 651-289-4488.

Following us at 1 PM, Mitch Berg and Ed Morrissey, then at 3PM it's ..... NOT King Banaian.

The King is dead, at least on the Patriot. But he's still in the building as they say, just moving across the hall to the Patriot's sister station KYCR (AM 1570). He'll have a new business-focused program from 9 - 11AM. That does put him up against David Strom, who as always will be on the Patriot LIVE at 9 AM. Who to listen to? I can't choose between them! I guess that's why God invented podcasts.

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