Friday, October 16, 2009

The Voice of a New Generation?

Saw a billboard this morning for local lefty talk radio station AM 950 touting their new tag line:

"The Voice of the Obama Generation"

I found it unusual that a radio station (or any media outlet for that matter) would tether themselves so concretely to a particular political figure. It would have been impossible to imagine a right-wing station like AM1280 The Patriot linking themselves in such a way to President Bush, even at the height of his popularity.

Despite claims that conservative media are "mouthpieces of the Republican Party" they've almost always been more about conservative political philosophy than Republican Party politics. Sometimes there is more overlap between those two areas than others, but there's also plenty of tension which has usually been pretty evident in conservative media.

Alternative motto which would also be appropriate for AM 950:

"The Voice of the Obama Administration"

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